My Best Year Ever: Explosive Year Video Program

You don't need a New Year's Resolution.

you need a new year's plan!


What if you could remove wasted time from your next 12 month with one sheet of paper?

Would YOur time, your vision, your dream be worth it?

Hi, my name is Michael V. Deer. I am an Author, Speaker & Accountability Coach. I get to help people reach their goals and attain their dreams.

The truth is that many people fail in their New Year's Resolutions because there is no strategy. Maybe you woke up one day and thought,

"Where my my year go?"

Let me tell you something, you're not alone. We are all opponents in a fight for progress in our lives.

Which would you prefer?

The life you want or the life you have to live?

Well, there are two forces called CRISIS & EMERGENCY that fight against our focused stride towards THE LIFE WE WANT! Each day, we are bombarded with the issues of our loved ones and ourselves. It's a FIGHT!!

You need to be armed with the right KNOWLEDGE & WEAPONS to



I have combined over 90 Minutes of High Quality Video In this EXCLUSIVE VIDEO COURSE to answer the following questions:

How do I deal with wasted time?
How do I deal with mistakes from my past?
What if I wasted time?
Why does my vision seem further away than when I started my year?
What should I do before the year ends to set up for the next?
Why businesses love New Year's Resolutions?
What's the result of New Year's Resolutions?
How business make money off of your New Year's Resolutions?
What's better than a New Year's Resolution?
How does repeating cycles decieve us?
What is the most powerful cause of change?
How do our painful mistakes help us?
How do you live the blessing of life?
What is a crisis?
What is an emergency?
Why am I living from crisis to crisis?
Why living defensively gets me nothing?
What does it take to power through your crisis?
What is a Reactive Life?
What is a Progressive Life?
What two ingredients create progress in my life?
What are the 3 questions that helps me to plan my future?
How do I find my Vision for the future?
What's the relationship between my drean and my vision?
How do I build a plan that I can start immediately?
Why shouldn't I share my vision with everyone?
What are the four stages of manifesting my vision?
How do I set attainable goals?
Who are the 3 beneficiaries of my goals?
What are the two MUST have ingredients in my goals?
What is a weak goal?
What is Discipline?
What is the enemy to me getting stuff done?
Why do I procrastinate?
How do I overcome my procrastination?
What happens when my life starts moving in the right direction?
Why do I need a support system?


Topics Covered In This Course Include:

Problems With New Year's Resolutions

Why Do Some People Repeat Cycles?

What Can Happen In A Year?

What Are The Enemies To My Progress?

What Is The Reactive Life?

What Is The Progressive Life?

What Are The Keys To Progress?

...And Much More



This VIDEO COURSE is packed with:

  • Over 1 1/2 Hours of High-Quality Video
  • 12 Video LessonsTo Get The Right Knowledge!
  • "My Best Year Ever" Planning Form
  • BONUS Video Walkthrough so you can take action IMMEDIATELY!
  • Slides & Visual Aides Packed With Knowledge


My Best Year Ever Video Course

Videos: 14 - Size: 2.22 GB - Format: MP4

P.S. In one year, you will wish you took a day to complete this Course. Don't wait. Order Now!